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Ministry Letters
Version 2.0 -
200 Church Letters!

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Ministry Letters!
Use this powerful software
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I am excited about the possibilities of the Ministry Letters. I have already used several of them and will be using some of the others soon. I am also grateful for the follow-up e-mails alerting me to additional Ministry letters as they become available.

Thanks for such a great service.

Shirley Price



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PDF Format - Works with both PC and Mac

Finally, an easy to use resource for Ministers and/or Church Secretaries who want to communicate on a more consistent, personal basis with the people they minister to.  Cut, Paste, Modify, and Send!  It's really that simple.  Often the most difficult part of starting a letter is actually "starting"!  These letters will impact people in a positive way, and your habit of sending encouraging letters will grow.


Are you in Christian Leadership and in need of just the right letter to use for the various key moments that come up during the week?  

The value of a well written letter is tremendous.  It can provide a church member or adherent with a greater sense of value as they realize they are appreciated and recognized.

Your letters have been a great help to our ministry. You're right, thinking and thinking of what to say can wear you down ... so your letters have been a great help.

I plan to download your new addition of the letters.  Thank you for being faithful to helping so many that in the ministry.

                             - Andrae' and Sandra Crouch


* "I was able to download your letters and have used three "missing you" letters already.   I'm a Deacon here at 1st Baptist Church so in that capacity I plan on putting your letter examples to good use. I really feel a conviction here lately to become more in touch with our church family so I believe the Spirit led me to you.
Norman, of course all the glory to God, but I did want you to know how much I appreciate your letters."       -  Jim E.,   First Baptist Church

* Just wanted to let you know what a blessing MINISTRY LETTERS has been to us! I have been the church secretary for 26 years. Our previous Pastor and his wife always dictated the personal letters sent out, and did a good job. My husband became the Pastor over 4 years ago. Last year we were looking for some fresh ideas for communicating with the people. I searched the Web, looking for a template for a Visitor's letter. That's when I came across MINISTRY LETTERS. I was so thrilled to find it. Since then we have used it over and over again. I especially like the variety of letters for different situations. Thanks for making this great tool available. I would highly recommend it for any church. As a side note, the support is wonderful!
-  Tammie H.,  Augusta Springs, VA

* "Thanks for putting together this wonderful ebook.  We definitely will continue to use this over and over!"              - Tammie H. - Joyful Sound Church

Ministry Letters Ebook is a great time saver for Pastors - Church Letters that help you get started!* Praise the Lord and greetings from New York City! I just received your Ministry Letters CD, and before I opened the envelope, I wondered who could be sending me mail from PA. Then when your name registered, and a great big smile came across my face. Please know that also I appreciate your sensitivity toward my financial circumstances.

In the meantime, ever since downloading Version 1.5, my fingers have hit the ground-or better yet-the keyboard, running. The great quality letters that I am able to generate as a result of your samples are beginning to spoil my pastor. He doesn't seem to run out of letter requests. It certainly makes a difference knowing that you have supplied me with spirit filled ideas to get me started---and I really love the scripture verses that are included.

First and foremost, I give glory and honor to God for inspiring you to be a blessing to others by way of the influence of your letters. Again, I can't thank you enough for everything.   
    -   Sister Anna Barrow, New York, New York

* Thanks a load! Have already used it and it has been a great time saver - not to mention the fact that some of us pastors are verbal and not as strong when it comes to the prose.  Thanks for the help.  I will strongly recommend your site and product to my friends.                               - Pastor Bill L.

Ministry Letters™ Version 1.0 was released in June of 2004, and the response was overwhelming!  After nearly 2,000 downloads of the demo, and excellent sales, I am happy to be able to release Ministry Letters™ Version 2.0.  This new version contains all letters from 1.0 and 1.5, and increases the total letter count to over 200 with a couple new categories added at the request of previous customers. 

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Ministry Letters Ebook
Available for Instant Download
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Version 2.0 - 200 Letters

Purchase Ministry Letters - $28.95

The uses of Ministry Letters are many:

No matter what stage you're in at your present place of Ministry, these Ministry Letters can be used for a wide variety of occasions, and will help you as a Minister make contact with your people on a much more consistent basis.  People will be excited to receive a letter from YOU!

  • Churches can download and modify a Birthday greeting, and do a search within their church database for birthdays for the week, and send a birthday letter out to those celebrating a birthday that week.

  • Pastors can set up a reminder in a computer program that will help them remember to send out a letter on the anniversary date of the death of a loved one in the church.  Often, the most difficult times for someone losing a loved one is the anniversary of the death, or even the wedding anniversary.

  • Churches can download and modify a Birthday greeting, and do a search within their church database for birthdays for the week, and send a birthday letter out to those celebrating a birthday that week.

  • Often, church people will do things to bless a Pastor and/or family.  "Thank You" coming from the leader is a phrase that needs to be shared.

  • Did a new family visit your church?  Use the Visitors Letter section to follow up with them to let them know how much their visit was appreciated

  • ....and much more!

The Ministry Letters collection is one of the best resources of its kind. The letters are very well written and can be easily edited to "custom fit" your personal ministry needs. With the click of a mouse you will be presented with quality letters in every imaginable category. You will use this resource again and again!                    
                         - Barry Davis of The Pastors Helper

Purchase Ministry Letters - $28.95